Human Anatomy and Physiology
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Cells and Tissues

The Virtual Cell
An impressive and eye-catching site that lets you probe the inside of a generic cell - cutting through the layers of its organelles, rotating them, and zooming in to get a closer look.
Cells Alive!
Full of colorful cell illustrations and animations, as well as descriptions of some interesting cell processes (how the HIV virus travels through a lymphocyte, how immune cells deal with a splinter, etc.).
Cell Visualization Project
Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Health, this site uses computer imaging to reconstruct cells in 3-D. It's a work in progress but, for now, you can take a guided tour of a white blood cell (neutrophil).
The Cell
The name says it all! Be sure to check out the spectacular pictures in the "Cell Gallery" and explore the virtual (VRML) cell.
The Mitosis Page
A straightforward explanation of the stages of mitosis (with pictures).
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