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Basic Chemistry

Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements
Learn everything you wanted to know about each element in the table in a single click. It even has diagrams of their atomic structure. Cool!
The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements
Take a look at how chemistry has influenced comic books - from Superman's kryptonite to the dizzying cast of characters in Metal Men.
General Chemistry Online
An amazing site put together by Professor Fred Senese at Frostburg State. Don't miss the list of over 300 frequently asked chemistry questions. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, then just ask Antoine!
Chem 101
Another basic chemistry course online - featuring an online textbook, videos of experiments (neat!), newsgroups, and chat rooms.
Chemistry Tutor
A concise set of pages that serves as a good basic chemistry reference.
More review for some of the topics and concepts that first-time college chemistry students find most difficult.
CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide to Chemistry
A virtual chemistry book for high school students that provides plenty of good diagrams, drawings, and even 3-D renderings (!) of chemical structures.
Scientific American: Ask the Experts
Ever wonder why your eyes tear when you peel an onion? Or how they remove caffeine from coffee? The experts at Scientific American answer some cool chemistry questions and invite you to send in your own.
Home to the incredible BioTech "Life Science Dictionary", loaded with thousands of definitions.
Just enter a chemical name, formula, or molecular weight and ChemFinder returns a wealth of information (descriptions, structures, and even more links!).
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