Human Anatomy and Physiology
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Muscular System

The Master Muscle List
From the Loyola University Medical Network, this site provides colorful diagrams and information on origin, insertion, action, and nerve supply of hundreds of muscles.
The Hosford Muscle Tables
An incredibly comprehensive table of skeletal muscles of the human body, including each muscle's origin, insertion, action, blood supply, and innervation.
Musculoskeletal Atlas
This atlas features of wealth of beautiful, well-labeled images of muscles, bones, and joints located throughout the body.
Stretching and Flexibility
Everything you ever wanted to know about stretching and flexibility, including a great section on the "Physiology of Stretching."
Muscular Dystrophy Association USA
The MDA's official site provides the latest news and information about muscular dystrophy and a number of other neuromuscular diseases.
FitnessLink's Exercise Menu
Part of the FitnessLink site, this page provides links to several types of exercises and a guide to determining your physical fitness level.
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